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To make tools that were previously exclusive to institutional investors available to the casual investor.


CoinGuard applies proven insurance principles upon a volatile cryptocurrency market.  While the market is constantly introducing and testing new currencies, CoinGuard is there to minimize risk exposure to elements outside of investor control.

Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are an important backup to your cryptocurrency reserves and should be created as a default practice as not to rely on the usage of digital assets that are inherently vulnerable over the net. In addition, it’s best practice to keep an offsite hardware copy outside of your personal or business addresses.


CoinGuard’s team is composed of insurance, cybersecurity, and cryptocurrency specialists who take pride in developing and refining the best practices and tools for investors to protect their investments. In what may be the most powerful product available to investors, Coinguard is the result of many years of experience in cryptocurrency, asset protection, and policy work.