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Working with any hand or power tools can be hazardous and result in serious bodily injury. Be careful! Although the installation is simple, do not attempt this installation unless you possess the necessary skills to safely complete all steps. Please contact Coin Guard, Inc. for factory assistance or any safety questions.

After you gain experience, (if you use the pop rivet method) you will probably install COIN GUARD™ as we do, without removing the upper housing. This is a very safe procedure if the drill penetration is controlled by a drill stop (3/16 i.d. rubber tubing, cut to length). Speed is the big advantage when installing large numbers. Three minute installations are possible with experience, but please start by removing the upper housing to get some experience for the installation and to see how deep to set the drill stop in order to prevent damage to your coin mechanism when you leave the upper housing in place. Either way, the techniques or steps are similar and easy. The stainless steel one-way bolts and lock nuts are simple and do not require a pop rivet gun, but the upper housing must be removed.

A) ALIGNMENT (fig. 1)  The aluminum alignment guide, by fitting in both the COIN GUARD™ and phone slot, allows easy alignment. It is important that the aluminum guide fits snugly in the face plate coin slot. The width of the coin slot varies by manufacturer, but this problem is easily overcome by adding or subtracting tape on the slot portion of the alignment guide. By varying the tape, you can get perfect positioning on your brand of face plate. If the COIN GUARD™ won't "wiggle," the position is perfect.

B) DRILLING (fig. 2)  The properly positioned and held COIN GUARD™ becomes its own drilling jig. Be sure to hold the COIN GUARD™ "back" against the face plate and "down" towards the floor. Carefully, drill four 3/16" holes. Use a good quality Cobalt drill bit and drill at your slowest setting. Interrupt drilling frequently to cool the drill bit with WD-40 or water. Hold the drill perpendicular to the surface to prevent drift. Drill through the face plate and upper housing, stopping short of the coin mechanism. Insert a bolt or the large end of a rivet in each hold as you go. DO NOT SET RIVETS. Re-drill any hole that resist rivet or bolt insertion. Be careful not to mar COIN GUARD™ with the drill chuck. Remove and clean COIN GUARD™ and faceplate with a safe solvent.

C) SETTING RIVETS OR BOLTS (figs. 3 & 4)  Remove aluminum alignment guide. Replace COIN GUARD™ with four unset rivets or bolts and check that coins pass freely. Set the four stainless steel pop rivets. Remember to remove the aluminum guide before setting the stainless steel rivets. The very heavy duty rivets require a long-arm commercial pop rivet gun to set properly. Hammer the "U"-drive screws into the set rivets for better security and "looks." Because the long-armed pop rivet guns are expensive and unattainable in some countries, we can supply stainless steel one-way security bolts and lock nuts.

D) CORRECTING MISALIGNMENT (fig. 5)  Rarely, after some installations, there is a hold up of dimes at a slight mismatch or ridge at the bottom edge of the coin slot. NO PROBLEM. We have included, just for this possibility, a heavy duty "SAWS-ALL" blade to act as a narrow file to trim away and smooth the upper and lower edges of the coin passageway. Only if there is coin stoppage at these defects need the trimming to be done. Operate from inside the upper housing. File away any offending ridge or material, be sure to duplicate the down angle of the coin chute of approximately 20 degrees. Re-check for free passage of coins.

E) INSTALLING LARGE COIN MODEL  When adapting phones to the larger coins of many countries, the 28mm model COIN GUARD™ is used, but frequently the coin slot must be opened up to a full 28mm. This is easily done with the edge file at the top of the coin slot.


Figure 1 Figure 2
Fig. 1  The alignment guide must "fit" snugly. Adjust "fit" by adding or removing tape. Fig. 2  The properly fit alignment guide holds the Coin Guard secure. Hold the Coin Guard down and back and drill holes safely and straight.
Figure 3 Figure 4
Fig. 3, 4  Remove the alignment guide and check for free passage of coins. Set the four rivets or bolts.
Figure 5 Figure 6
Fig. 5  Correct any lower edge misalignment with the edge file Fig. 6  (LARGE COIN MODEL) Open up coin slot at top with edge file

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