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Q: Price?
A: $19.95 each. This is not a pot metal or zinc casting with a plate surface. These are high precision castings of the strongest, highest-quality, most expensive 316L marine stainless steel. This chrome-like finish will not wear off, but gets brighter with use. Security can't be junk — a brick can break anything on the faceplate, but not the COIN GUARD™!
Q: Minimum Order?
A: A box of 5. We have sold them one each, but found that most were never installed or installed wrong or weakly. Our reputation is built on successful use! The COIN GUARD™ will work perfectly when installed properly. Good positioning, matching coin paths and super-strong attachment are essential. All this takes a special install kit which costs $10. With the minimum order of 5 COIN GUARDS™, we include the install kit and absorb its cost.
Q: Delivery?
A: UPS - same day shipment. FOB Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316. On West Coast orders, we recommend UPS 3-day select. It costs more but will arrive four to five days sooner.
Q: Payment?
A: Visa, Master Card, AMEX or UPS C.O.D. are accepted.
Q: What comes in the "Installation Kit"?
A: (a) pre-taped alignment guide, (b) cobalt drill bit, (c) attachments (security bolts or rivets), (d) edge file, (e) description and instructions with pictures
(a)     alignment guide: A small aluminum matching device, 2/3rds of which fits in the coin path of the COIN GUARD™, and 1/3rd of which sticks out and fits in the coin path of the pay phone or vending machine, thereby aligning both coin paths perfectly. When properly taped to prevent "wobble" as described in the installation instructions, the COIN GUARD™ is held so that it becomes its own drilling jig. You simply drill through the holes of the COIN GUARD™. No templates, no transfers, no center punching or drill drift. A perfect fit every time.
(b)     cobalt drill bit of the proper size (#12): A high-quality drill bit which cuts many holes in steel easily.
(c)     attachments: Four each heavy duty stainless steel rivets or one-way security bolts with nylock nuts are included for each COIN GUARD™. In your first order of five you will get both — complete sets of rivets and bolts. See the advantages of each and decide which fits your coin mech and application best. On your next orders, your attachment of choice will be included.
The stainless steel rivets, finished with stainless steel u-drive screws, have the advantages of speed, simplicity, strength and appearance. They also work with any coin mech because they are flush with the inner side of the upper housing and do not protrude to interfere with any size coin mech.
The disadvantage of the stainless steel rivets is that they require a special "long arm" or commercial pop rivet gun to pop them because of the rivets' heavy duty strength. These cost about $60 in most hardware stores.
The stainless steel one-way security bolts with stainless steel nylock nuts are super easy to install with just a common screwdriver and a small wrench or socket. The disadvantage is that the nuts protrude on the inside of the upper housing and interfere with some wider coin mechs. The sliding door of some mechanical coin mechs can be removed to make them narrower. Please pre-try your coin mech against a COIN GUARD™ with the alignment guide and four bolts attached to see if you can use the bolt method.
Either method you choose will give you an excellent installation.
(d)     edge file: A cut off "Saws-All" blade with a taped handle is included and acts as a narrow edge file to trim off any misalignment that may occur in positioning. Quarters may roll over a slight misalignment or lip at the housing, but dimes need a perfect match. This blade allows easy trimming of this lip for better alignment and function. Generally it's not needed, but the edge file is included just to be safe.
(e)     Full product description with installation instructions.
Q: Do I need COIN GUARD™?
A: Are the stuffing, wiring, or stealing from your phone? Are your phones earning less? Are your coin mechs being damaged? Are your maintenance costs going up? Add up all these losses for 50 years (the life of a COIN GUARD™) and see if they exceed $19.95. If so, you need a COIN GUARD™.
Q: Will a COIN GUARD™ prevent stuffing?
A: Indirectly. Any hole big enough to put a quarter in can be stuffed with paper. But why? We attack the motive – money. If the criminal can't wire, he can't steal! If he can't steal then there is no motive to stuff.
Q: Are they easy to install?
A: Yes. I install them in just under 3 minutes each. Please read and follow the installation instructions and call me with any questions.
Q: Can they be moved to a new phone?
A: Yes. Just keep your alignment guide. The COIN GUARD™ will last the life of many phones.
Q: How many COIN GUARDS™ do I need?
A: Generally, pay phone owners end up with COIN GUARDS™ on approximately 1/3rd of their phones. This, of course, depends on location and obvious evidence or risk of tampering. Rough neighborhoods, downtown areas, poorly-lit streets, and areas where you see graffiti, vagrants or night-time teen or gang activity. Don't depend on someone else to watch your phones. They will "wire" a phone in front of a well-lit convenience store. We have companies who specialize in these areas because of their high return and they put COIN GUARDS™ on all phones. Remember, the loss of one electronic coin mech will put 6-8 COIN GUARDS™ on your pay phones.
Q: What phones or machines will they fit?
A: Any phone that has 1" flat on either side of the coin slot. This includes most phones like Quadrum, Protel, Elcotel, Ernest, etc.
On Tydell phones, you will need to shorten the coin return lever. On some Westerns, the nearby volume control can be removed. Simply set the volume at maximum and reattach the original flat plate. The COIN GUARD™ will now fit.
Q: Is there anything else I can do to protect and improve my phones?
A: Yes. Use good quality Electronic Coin Scanners – Protel, Elcotel, Mars, etc. – and protect them with a COIN GUARD™. You gain high selectivity, better reliability, less maintenance calls, better accounting, and no string fraud. ECS's are a great improvement – they are just fragile and must be protected.
Special Report
Some "feed back" from the streets — if you use an ECS (Electronic Coin Scanner) protected with a COIN GUARD™, cut off the plastic tab that moves across the opening when you depress the coin return lever and disconnect the return lever by bending the tab back that pushes on the ECS. ECS's are virtually jam-free if not stuffed. Remember, if it fits through the COIN GUARD™, it will fall freely through the ECS. Some criminals tap sharply on the return lever to advance stuffed coins. Take away this unwanted access!™

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